Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"All My Strength" is my story!

Hi! I am Eddie Robbins, a realtor with Keller Williams in Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you for visiting my site. In 2009, after being around 300 pounds for most of my adult life with a peak weight of 333, I had a life transformation. I lost 110 pounds and became a runner. I am now an advocate for good health and fitness and am running in race events all around the United States. I wrote a book about my transformation in order to share with you my experience. The name of the book is "All My Strength." If you have battled for years with being overweight, you need to read my story. Below, there are options to order my book. I hope you enjoy it and are motivated to transform your life as well. If I can do it, you can too!! 

“Eddie’s book is fun to read.  It’s honest and personal, and reads like a conversation with a friend.  It’s about running; it’s about weight loss; but it’s really about life and goal-setting in the real world.  I loved it.”   ...Paul Conn, President of Lee University

@eddierobbins Congrats to you! I finished your book. It was great! Really inspiring! I will share it.

From: Jamie Dukes, former Atl Falcon:
@eddierobbins this is a great story. Folks check out this story of a man changing his health.

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 There are two ways for you to order the book:

Option 1 - Mail a check for $10.00 made out to "Eddie Robbins" and a return address to:

Eddie Robbins
7125 Bannister Park Lane
Cumming, GA 30028

or you may send $10.00 to me via PayPal at eddie@eddierobbins.com. Be sure to include your mailing address.

I will sign the book and send it to you and pay for the shipping through US mail.

Option 2 -

You may order the book on Amazon.com for under $6 plus any applicable shipping charges. It is also available on Kindle!

Here is the link to order the book:

All My Strength

Be sure to join my Facebook group with the same name as the book: All My Strength. Here is the link: All My Strength Facebook Group

There are a group of people there who will help you with your journey of becoming healthy!

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If you have any questions for me, you may e-mail me at eddie@eddierobbins.com

Here are some other reviews of the book:

I just finished reading "All My Strength" not 30 minutes ago, and it not only inspired me, it had a few "ouch" moments, realizing I wasn't fully doing what I should. God bless you for allowing yourself to be used to open eyes.

I just got my book All My Strength in the mail today and finished it. I recommend it to all please consider ordering the book. At least it touched my life and view on many things. Tears, Laughter, and I felt as if I was walking, running with Eddie. Thank you Eddie for sharing your testimony!

Read your book this evening and really was inspired by it. You're a natural born writer and quite the motivator. 

Eddie...finished reading All My Strength on a plane ride from Cincinnati to Fort Worth, TX yesterday. Thanks so much for recording your transformation story for all of us. What an inspiration!

Eddie I am loving the book. Started reading it about an hour ago. Just can't put it down. A great story and you do a great job telling it.

It's great!!! I read it in two nights! Wouldn't have been able to put it down at all if it weren't for having to work the next day and Words with Friends pals sending me games. 

Awesome book! Amazing story! I am inspired!!!

I just finished your book. So many thoughts going on. Very moving to me Eddie. I will pm you tomorrow. All I can say right now is your testimony really touched my heart, mind and faith.

GREAT BOOK, It was really inspiring and I love the way you put the scriptures in, you know we cannot do anything without God!!! 

Just finished my signed copy of your book. I could identify with so many of your experiences as you started your training--and still do! It touched my heart, and strengthened my resolve. I have a good start, but I also want to finish well and end strong!

Looking forward to running my first race that you will also be running--may we encourage each other to reach new goals, and be a blessing to others along the way! God Bless